What We Do

“Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and
suddenly you are doing the impossible.”
St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals

At Cusco Protección de Animales, our work focuses on animal health and community education, so we:

  • Make presentations in schools, universities, and community centers about the health and compassionate care of abandoned animals;
  • Provide affordable veterinary services (including sterilisation) to low-income pet owners;
  • Deliver essential information about animal protection in posters and flyers; and
  • Rely on our Facebook network of humanitarians to help rescue abandoned, mistreated, and injured dogs and cats.

Provide Community Education

Historically, humans have valued animals—including dogs—for their usefulness. So having pets and treating them compassionately and ethically is a recent shift in human history.  At Cusco Protección de Animales, we educate Cusqueños on the loving and responsible care of all animals.

We make presentations at schools and community centers to educate the people of Cusco on the compassionate treatment of animals and the importance of having pets—mascotas—sterilised to prevent unwanted litters of dogs and cats.

Provide Affordable Health Services for Animals

We have implemented extensive campaigns of sterilisations, vaccinations, and emergency care, all thanks to the efforts of specialised veterinary doctors and assistants and volunteers.

Partnering with veterinarians from Cusco and abroad, we help provide affordable healthcare (including treatments to eliminate fleas and worms and surgery to sterilise pets safely).  We also provide medical care to abandoned pets that have been injured by cars, other animals, and humans.

Find Loving Homes for Rescued Animals

Working with like-minded Cusqueños, we strive to find the right home for the dogs and cats we rescue, rehabilitate, and socialise.  For animal lovers who are unable to commit to providing a lifetime home, we arrange pet fostering, so that the humans can experience the joy and other benefits of having a happy pet around and the animals can spend time in a positive, stimulating environment.