Dogs You Can Adopt

About Our Dogs

Although some of our rescue dogs are shy around men, due to mistreatment during their time on the street, all of our dogs are healthy, loving, and well socialized.


pjpara_244Chocolate was abandoned on the train tracks where dogs are sold on weekends in Cusco. It is common to find puppies that are from 4 to 6 weeks old left in boxes to fend for themselves after their owners are unsuccessful in selling them on Saturday mornings.

When Chocolate was found, he was infected with parvo  virus. Today he lives happily at the center and is very playful and friendly. He is still a puppy and loves to have someone to play with.

cusco RITARita

Rita was cruelly dumped onto the streets by her owner when she came into heat and became pregnant. Because of the lack of food and her pregnancy, she soon became ill. One day when she was crossing the street, Rita was hit by a bus and, like many dogs who are hit by cars in Cusco, she was left injured on the side of the road.

Rita found shelter nearby and was rescued and brought to the shelter. She had surgery to fix her fractured hip and, soon after, she had six beautiful puppies. She still can’t walk well, but now happily lives at the refuge with her new family of humans and rescue dogs and withher daughter Osita.


cusco15Esperanza was found injured near the train line in central Cusco after being hit by a car. She spent four days lying at the side of the road, suffering from multiple fractures before she was rescued and taken to the dog shelter. After several surgeries, the vet was able to save her life, but unfortunately had to remove one of her legs.

Esperanza now lives at the shelter, where having only three legs certainly doesn’t slow her down. While she was originally a little shy of dogs and people, she now loves hanging out with all of her human, feline, and canine buddies.