Who We Are

“I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights.
That is the way of a whole human being.”
Abraham Lincoln

Without laws or regulations to prevent animal cruelty and neglect, Peru is not a safe place for pets to live.


Rescued animals Esperanza, a 3-legged dog, and Cusco the cat

One local, non-profit organization, Cusco Protección de Animales, is committed to rescuing, and rehabilitating homeless and abandoned dogs, cats, and other victims of animal cruelty. Since its founding in 2010, Cusco Protección de Animales has:

  • Rescued more than 400 dogs from life-threatening conditions on Cusco’s streets;
  • Successfully re-homed approximately 200 rescue dogs;
  • Provided affordable (or no-cost) medical care for more than 2000 animals.

By providing affordable veterinary treatment, organizing sterilisation campaigns, and spearheading petitions that increase community awareness and attract humane government support, Cusco Protección de Animales is working to implement regulations for animal protection.

Through grassroots efforts, we are striving to show Cusqueños that all animals, whether they are the pets in our homes or the perros de calle, deserve care and protection.


We promote the humane treatment of abandoned animals in Cusco through public education and the rescue, rehabilitation, sterilisation, and placement of dogs and cats in loving, permanent homes.


  • Reduce the number of unwanted dogs and cats through an ongoing, fully funded sterilisation program and with a mobile clinic that provides affordable services throughout Cusco.
  • End cruelty towards animals in Cusco by increasing community awareness about animal welfare, so all are treated with respect and compassion.
  • Advocate on behalf of dogs and cats in Cusco to improve their rights and protection.
  • Provide a stress-free, healthy environment for abandoned, neglected, and stray dogs at a no-kill shelter.

About Us

Mila Romero, the Woman Who Founded Cusco Protección de Animales

This organisation was established in 2010 by Milagros (Mila) Romero. Since she was a child, Mila dreamed of helping animals in need. Growing up in Cusco, she witnessed the cruel and indifferent treatment of animals—particularly pets and other companion animals—in Peru. At a young age, Mila saw the tragic results of government campaigns to reduce the population of abandoned dogs through poisoning and drowning. Later, in her conversations with Cusqueños, she realized that much of the indifference and abuse suffered by dogs and cats at the hands of humans in the community was due to ignorance and outdated thinking about the role of animals in modern life.

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Having spent several years volunteering in animal shelters in the United States, Mila knew she had to change the culture and attitudes in her native Peru that resulted in so much abuse. Through her work in shelters in New York City, she had learned the importance of sterilisation in reducing the number of unwanted dogs and cats. And from her childhood experiences, she had developed an enduring sense of the importance of—and inherent justice in—the ethical treatment of animals.

Since its establishment in 2010, Cusco Protección de Animales is a testament to Mila’s commitment.  Her passion has inspired support from veterinarians, an international charity, and animal lovers throughout the world who connect with the cause of animal rights through Facebook.  As a result, critical changes in attitudes and approaches to animal welfare are happening now.

Mila’s profession is child psychologist for disabled children in a Cusco school.  Her passion is the welfare of animals.

Community Partners and Supporters


Helping Cusco Protección de Animales to provide emergency treatment for abandoned animals and affordable health care for local pets are two wonderful veterinarians:

Dr. Lissette Gomez has been a veterinarian since 2011.

Dr. Bulls

Miguel, a supporter of the shelter, assists Dr. Gomez in treating animals and is an experienced dog groomer.


Supporters. The Facebook supporters of Cusco Protección de Animales have answered the call on many occasions to respond to urgent requests for assistance with rescues.  Thank you, Facebook family!